Quarter Master

The Quarter Master (QM) Store was setup, and is run by Scouter Bob Anderson (Brampton) as his quest as a Rover Knight.

The QM Store has available:

Badges for:

Timber Wolves
Sea Farers
Air Flyers
Rover Knights Youth
Sr. Explorers
Sr. Sea Farers
Sr. Air Flyers
Rover Knights Adult

Uniform Items (all sections):

Hats (Stetson, beret, caps, etc.)
Shoulder knots
Shoulder boards
Hat covers
Hat bands

As well as many more items!

Catalogue & Price List are listed by sections, download from here:
* CFIS Canada Catalog 2022
* Badge Supplies Master Cost Book 2022
* Chipmunk Youth Catalog and Price Book 2022
* Otter Youth Catalog and Price Book 2022
* Explorer Youth Catalog and Price Book 2022
* Leaders-Non Leaders Badge & Supply Book 2022
* Rover Knight Adult Badge and Catalog 2022
* Rover Knight Youth Badge and Catalog 2022
* Sr.Explorers Badge and Catalog 2022
* Timber Wolves Youth Catalog and Price Book 2022

Quartermaster: Robert (Bob) Anderson
Email: quartermaster@cfiscanada.ca